Benefits of IaaS (internet as a service)

Benefits of IaaS (internet as a service).

Benefits of IaaS (internet as a service)..

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Benefits of "IaaS":- 

IaaS has a number of benefits,some of which are:- 

 1. Scalability. Resources are available as and when required by the customer and,hence, there are no delays in expanding capacity or wastage of many used capacity. 

2. Saves time and cost. 

3. Utility based building. The service can be accessed on demand and the user pays only for the resources that he or she uses. 

4. Location independence. The service can be accessed from anywhere using the internet,so long as the security protocol of cloud allows it. 

5. More physical security. 

6. No single point of failure. 

7. Rappid innovation. Suppose an entrepreneur wants to launch a new product the necessary computing infrastructure is readily available. Within hours in IaaS- it can some time takes months using other cloud platforms. 

8. Increase stability, reliability and supportability. 

9. Focus on core business rather than It Infrastructure. 

"Running websites using IaaS can be less expensive than traditional Web hosting." 

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