Today in History -History  On  21

Today in History -History On 21 October

Today in History -History On 21 October.

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Today in History -History  On  21 October

1805 Action of Trafalgar: British Admiral Horatio Nelson defeats accumulated French and Spanish fleet. Nelson attempt and dead during battle.

1854 Florence Nightingale with a agents of 38 nurses is beatific to the Crimean War

1944 World War II: US troops abduction Aachen, 1st ample German city-limits to fall

1948 UN rejects Russian angle to abort diminutive weapons

1950 Chinese armament absorb Tibet

1993 Military accomplishment by Burundi President Ndadaye; 525,000 Hutus flee

Famous Birthdays

1858 Ramabai Dongre' Medhavi, India, amusing reformer

1931 Shammi Kapoor, Indian amateur and administrator accustomed as the "Elvis Presley of India" (Amaran, Brahmachari, Vidhaata), built-in in Bombay, British India (d. 2011)


Famous Deaths

2012 Yash Chopra, Indian director, dies from dengue agitation and assorted agency abortion at 80


2005 52nd National Film Awards (India): "Page 3" wins the Golden Lotus

2009 55th National Film Awards (India): "Kanchivaram" wins the Golden Lotus




Seljuk Turks at Chivitot annihilation bags of German crusaders.


The Pope names Henry VIII of England Defender of the Faith afterwards arresting the seven sacraments adjoin Luther.


Tokugawa Ieyasu defeats his enemies in action and affirms his position as Japan's a lot of able warlord.


The Tricolor is called as the official banderole of France.


Vice Admiral and Viscount Horatio Nelson wins his greatest achievement over a Franco-Spanish agile in the Action of Trafalgar, fought off Cape Trafalgar, Spain. Nelson is fatally blood-soaked in the battle, but lives continued abundant to see victory.


Under a banderole of accord during accord talks, U.S. troops annoy the Indian Seminole Chief Osceola in Florida.


The Action of Ball's Bluff, Va. begins, a adverse Union defeat which blaze Congressional investigations.


Many leaders of the Kiowa, Comanche and Kiowa-Apache assurance a accord accord at Medicine Lodge, Kan. Comanche Chief Quanah Parker banned to acquire the accord terms.


The U.S. Naval Academy admits John H. Conyers, the aboriginal African American to be accepted.


After 14 months of testing, Thomas Edison aboriginal demonstrates his electric lamp, acquisitive to one day attempt with gaslight.


Panamanians affray with U.S. Marines in Panama in a abrupt uprising.


The aboriginal U.S. troops access the foreground curve at Sommerviller beneath French command.


As war heats up with Germany, the British war chiffonier holds its aboriginal affair in the underground war allowance in London.


Ernest Hemingway's atypical For Whom the Bell Tolls is published.


Eight American and British admiral acreage from a abysmal on an Algerian bank to yield admeasurement of Vichy French to the Operation Torch landings.


North Korean Premier Kim Il-Sung establishes a new basic at Sinuiju on the Yalu River adverse the Chinese City-limits of Antung.


The Guggenheim Museum, advised by Frank Lloyd Wright, opens in Manhattan.


Bob Dylan annal his aboriginal anthology in a individual day at a amount of $400.


The "March on the Pentagon," agitation American captivation in Vietnam , draws 50,000 protesters.


Israel's Foreign Minister Moshe Dayan resigns over disagreements with Prime Minister Menachem Begin over behavior accompanying to the Palestinians.


The United States sends a ten-ship assignment force to Grenada.


North Korea and the US assurance an acceding acute North Korea to halts its nuclear weapons affairs and accede to all-embracing inspections.